Textile innovation in Colombia, driven by the automotive sector


According to a study of facts and factorshe global market for coated fabrics had a value of 25,196 million dollars in the year of 2021 and it is estimated that it will grow to 31,333 million dollars by 2028.

One of the factors that have made possible the growth of the textile industry in the world has been the automotive sector, since this has had the role of promoter for this market. Taking both industries into account, the demand for coated textiles is expected to continue to grow.

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According to the firm, The demand for coated textiles in the automotive sector is mainly due to its versatility and durability.

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These materials are used in a variety of applications, from automotive interiors to headliners, door panels, and seats. In addition, they offer acoustic and thermal insulation properties, which makes them ideal for use in vehicles.“, they explain.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the The global market for coated textiles in the automotive industry has had a growth rate of 5.59% since 2017.

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The global automobile manufacturing industry is one of the largest in the world, annually producing 60 million vehicles representing around 50% of world oil consumption.


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Given this, textile companies have seen the automotive sector as a very important client when it comes to selling their products, not only as a buying and selling relationship, but as the years go by, as an opportunity to innovate and improve the quality of their products. products, as explained Carlos Mario Zapata, general manager of Nuvant Colombia.

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At Nuvant, we not only focus on the innovation and quality of our products, but we also value the human and social impact that we can generate through our work in the automotive industry. We are committed to offering advanced textile solutions that not only meet the technical demands of our customers, but also improve the development of sustainable materials, with recycled and bio-based raw materials, offering an innovative experience to vehicle end users. We know that our products are a fundamental part of the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers, so we work hard on research and development of materials that offer added value to vehicles.“.


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