Tens of thousands of Israelis march on the Knesset in a last-ditch attempt to stop judicial reform

Tens of thousands of Israelis march on the Knesset in a last-ditch attempt to stop judicial reform

July 22 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Tens of thousands of protesters have arrived in Jerusalem this Saturday in the last stage of the march to ask that the first law of the controversial judicial reform promoted by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not be processed and that, according to their complaints, endangers judicial independence.

The protesters made one last stop on Friday before entering Jerusalem and for a community meal to celebrate the ‘sabbath’, the weekly Jewish holiday, and spent the night in Shoresh.

They had breakfast with food donated by sympathizers and finally began the last day of the march on Jerusalem with their sights set on the Israeli Knesset or Parliament in a column of several kilometers festooned with Israeli flags and to which thousands more people from all over the country have joined this Saturday.

The objective was not to block the road, but the large influx has made traffic problems inevitable, all this added to the hundreds of cars parked on the shoulders of people who have joined the walk.

The march began on Tuesday in Tel Aviv under the slogan “We will not let you destroy our home,” in reference to Netanyahu, and will arrive at the Knesset on Saturday afternoon. The organizers have announced their intention to camp at Saker Park indefinitely.

There are also rallies called for this Saturday in front of the official residence of the prime minister and on Kaplan street in Tel Aviv, the epicenter of the Saturday protests for 29 weeks. There are another 150 acts and concentrations called throughout the country.

The Government intends to approve and establish a law that prohibits the Supreme Court and other courts from applying the criterion of “reasonableness” to veto Executive decisions.

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