Ten people die from torrential rains and floods in eastern Uganda

Ten people die from torrential rains and floods in eastern Uganda


At least ten people have died from torrential rains and landslides in eastern Uganda on Sunday, authorities have confirmed.

The rains have particularly affected the town of Mbale, where they have swept away several houses and vehicles and destroyed crop fields, while in Sebei a woman and two of her children have died due to a landslide.

The floods have also caused damage to bridges and the destruction of roads between Mbale and the towns of Soroti, Tororo and Tirinyi, which has paralyzed traffic in the area, according to the Ugandan newspaper ‘Daily Monitor’.

Likewise, the spokesman for the Police in the Elgon region, Rogers Taitika, has pointed out that so far four bodies have been recovered in the area, while the head of the town of Mbale, Muhammad Mafabi, has acknowledged that the material damage is huge.

“The roads have been cut off and there are people displaced. Our teams will soon provide the real figures on the damage,” he said, before pointing out that the floods are a new example of the effects of climate change in Uganda.

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