Ten killed in knife attacks in Saskatchewan

Ten killed in knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Ten people were killed and several wounded in stabbing attacks in two remote communities in Saskatchewan, Canada, on Sunday, police said. A search for two suspects in three provinces has been launched.

In response to emergency calls, police found 10 bodies in the James Smith Nation Cree Indian community and the nearby town of Weldon, in the western province of Saskatchewan, Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore told a news conference.

“Several other victims were injured, 15 of whom have so far been taken to various hospitals,” he added, adding that police were looking for “two suspects” and investigating “numerous crime scenes.”

It all started early Sunday morning, reports RFI Quebec correspondent Pascale Guéricolas. The inhabitants of this Amerindian reservation, in the north of the province of central Canada, woke up to the sound of an alert issued by the police. The police have just learned that there have been several murders. Residents were soon horrified to discover that two men had stabbed 10 people to death between this city and a nearby town.

The suspects were identified as two men named Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, ages 30 and 31, with black hair and brown eyes. They are believed to have fled in a black Nissan Rogue, he said. Blackmore. The police deployed “to the maximum” to capture them.

Late in the morning, they were seen in downtown Regina, 300 kilometers from the scene of the murders, while a major football game was taking place in the city. For this reason, the police reinforced the security around the stadium, but also established numerous roadblocks. Authorities in all three provinces are actively collaborating to arrest the two suspects who remain at large.

“Let’s be clear,” police said at a news conference. “We are still searching for the two suspects. We ask Saskatchewans, and those in neighboring provinces, to remain vigilant. victims were chosen by the suspects, while others were chosen at random. If Damien and Myles are listening or hear this information, I ask that they turn themselves in to the police immediately,” he stressed.

The Cree James Smith Nation, population 2,500, has declared a local state of emergency. Saskatchewan residents have also been asked to stay indoors for safety.

A woman who lives in the community where the murders took place told a television channel that one of the suspects asked her for help, claiming that he had cut his face, before fleeing.

“Horrifying and disturbing” attacks

“Today’s attacks in Saskatchewan are horrific and disturbing. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and those who were injured,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority told AFP it had activated emergency protocols to treat “a high number of critically injured people.” “We can confirm that a number of people are being referred and managed at various centers and that additional staff have been called in to help respond to this situation,” she added.

The case comes as a public inquiry is taking place on the other side of the country, in eastern Canada, in Nova Scotia. In April 2020, a man committed the worst mass murder in Canadian history, killing 22 people. Local police were harshly questioned for his inaction and mistakes that allowed the killer to evade police for more than 13 hours while wearing a replica police uniform. Two years later, it seems that history repeats itself….

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