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Telegram now allows you to communicate with anyone regardless of the language they speak


The instant messaging app Telegram – a rival to WhatsApp – has been committed to translating messages for years. Until now, however, that feature only allowed you to translate one message at a time, so making sense of a whole chat in another language was a bit tricky.

In its latest update (v9.4), Telegram It claims to have solved that problem with a new quick button to translate entire conversations. As useful as being able to download videos without downloading them first.

This button appears right at the top of a conversation in another language and should make our lives easier.. In the options menu, you can select which languages ​​to translate or hide the bar. This feature, however, is only available to Premium Telegram subscribers.

There are also options to hide that bar and adjust which languages ​​are translated. Those who only want to translate individual messages will not have to pay and can press a button. Telegram is an app that is full of features and more are arriving every day.

More news coming to the rival WhatsApp app

Another novelty is the new profile photo creation tool, which allows you to convert any sticker or emoji animated in a profile picture. Fortunately, it is not a function that requires Telegram Premium and those profile photos can be used anywhere in the app.

Speaking of emojis, they are now categorized, along with stickers, when choosing a reaction or status. Users can also tap and hold on an emoji to get a larger view before sending it, Telegram confirms. on his blog.

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The improvements keep coming with a redesigned network usage screen to which is added the option to control whether the media is automatically saved based on its size, type and chat in which it was received.

Small improvements in the latest Telegram update include new interactive emojis, new animated emojis, and the ability to lock yourself using an Apple ID or a Google account without having to enter an SMS code.

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