Telecinco claims ‘Got Talent All Stars’ before its premiere and turns it into an impressive world Olympics

Telecinco claims 'Got Talent All Stars' before its premiere and turns it into an impressive world Olympics

Mediaset Spain continues immersed in its particular process of changes towards a new television model that boasts the new Telecinco slogan. Its main channel aims to be the rhythm of life for all its viewers and, for this reason, it has been wanted claim the importance of a space like ‘Got Talent All Stars’ before its premiere, which will arrive soon. The group has organized the usual presentation of the program, revealing all its innovations and mechanical changes in an edition that can be classified, without a doubt, as the world talent olympics.

In this sense, a total of twelve contestants who have succeeded internationally in the different adaptations of ‘Got Talent’ around the world have come to Spain to win. What does not change is that Risto Mejide, Edurne and Paula Echevarría take their seats as members of the jury, led by the brilliant Santi Millán. Also, the loss that Dani Martínez caused as part of the respectable has been resolved with a decision that, without a doubt, will bring freshness and originality. In each of the installments, there will be different familiar faces of the audiovisual scene and this task has been entrusted to Fernando Tejero, Jorge Blass, Carlos Areces, Dani Fernández, Luis Zahera and the youtuber TheGrefg.

Already in front of the media, Jaime Guerra, director of the Production Division of Mediaset España, has assured that “it is a delight to be here presenting this format, which It’s the first time it’s done in Europe.“. The only precedent can be found in the United States, when NBC decided to launch this kind of meeting between the best of each country, being a success with audiences. In the same way, he wanted to highlight that “the casting is exceptional since they are all winners, finalists or golden passes for international editions”.

The bobbin lace, as it would be popularly said, that both the chain and the producer have made is worth mentioning, since it has not been easy at all to balance the agendas of all the contestants. Among other places, there are characters from Taiwan, Russia, UK, New Zealand, Tanzania, Ukraine, Argentina or Spain; in fact, most of them have professional commitments and shows to show their talent to the public. This reality has been referred to nathalie garciaCEO of Fremantle, who has also highlighted the “incredible challenge” they have faced.

The mechanics of ‘Got Talent All Stars’

Telecinco has signed a total of seven finery through which the winner of ‘Got Talent Spain All Stars’ will be decided. In each of the six auditions prior to the Final, twelve completely different and incredible performances will be able to be seen, but, out of all of them, only two will succeed. ORnone of them by guest judge gold pass and the other chosen by one of the judges among the three most voted for by the audience on the set. At every audition, this important decision will fall only on one of them.

Given this turn of the screw, Paula Echevarria was the first to want to mention that, from her point of view, the most important thing is “to make a fair appraisal without hurt feelings” of the participants. What’s more, she wanted to emphasize how difficult some of the decisions are and, above all, communicate the verdicts “in a way that you can also help the person”. For her, ‘Got Talent’ it is a place of impact where “there are performances that leave you speechless and not only because of the risk”: “I feel very lucky, enjoying every day of work“, he stated.

Risto Mejide emphasizes the spectacular nature of Spanish television

The challenge of being present in an edition full of international contestants is enormous and, for this reason, Risto Mejide wanted to share his impressions: “In these 17 years that I have been working as a jury, many times I have found someone saying ‘It’s very good, but the Americans are another level‘. Those people are going to see that there is a lot of talent outside, but that we are not in such bad shape. The Spanish contestants leave the flag very high in these talent Olympics that are being held in Spain. It is a luxury. If they were sports, everyone would be talking about it“, has communicated.

It’s more, the presence of patriotic characters is much more limited in ‘Got Talent All Stars’ for a key reason and it is not because they are in inferior conditions with respect to their international “counterparts”. Our most recognized participants are succeeding in other countries and, in fact, they have achieved it in the American version of this format that continues to bring so much joy to Telecinco.

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