Technical workshop of the Statistical Records System Project for the exploitation of administrative data in the national statistical institutes (INE) of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru

The planned agenda for this workshop addresses, first of all, the socialization of the results obtained from the consultancy for the methodological construction of each indicator of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) prioritized by the INE. In this sense, practical exercises will be developed to understand the production of SDG indicators from administrative records. Then, the implementation strategy of the technological tool Supplier Management System (SGP), information transfer mechanisms and governance in each of the INE will be addressed. And, finally, work will be done on a future projection roadmap for the other results of the Project, such as the Statistical Register of Companies (REE) and the Statistical Register of Activities (REA).


  1. Carry out the transfer of knowledge and sensitize the representatives of the INEs in the methodologies for the production of the indicators of the prioritized Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.
  2. Generate the roadmap for the implementation of the results and recommendations of the consultancy for the Development of the methodologies that link administrative records for the construction of prioritized SDG indicators in the National Institutes of Statistics – INEs of Chile, Colombia and Peru.
  3. Generate the baseline of action so that the INEs work individually and jointly in the implementation of the results of the SRE Project.
VIDEO of the project “Statistical Records System for the Exploitation of Administrative Data”

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