Tax collection grew 40% during the first month of the Petro government

Tax payment

The Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (Dian) delivered its collection report for the month of August. According to the entity, from 2022 to August 31, the entity has collected $152.07 billion in taxes, which compared to the same period in 2021 shows a positive variation of 36.8%. This collection figure represents compliance with the goal of 117.2%.

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Of the total collected, $121.92 billion is represented by taxes associated with internal economic activityand $30.15 billion are associated with foreign trade taxes.

By type of tax, most of the collection (35.5%) so far this year came from Withholding at source as income, $51.01 billion. This is followed by customs, with 19.8% of the total and $30.15 billion, and sales tax, with 19.2% of the total, and $29.17 billion.

Regarding the gross collection in the month of August, a total of $15.7 billion was achieved with a compliance with the goal of 128.2%. Compared to August 2021, when $11.19 billion was raised, a positive variation of 40.2% is evident.

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Tax payment


In August, the retention by title of income accumulated $6.72 billion, being 42.9% of the total taxes for the month. For customs, Dian received $4.5 billion, and for rent $1.72 billion.

The collection results obtained as of August 31 demonstrate the entity’s commitment to the fiscal security of the country and the good behavior of taxpayers in complying with their tax obligations.”, highlighted Dian.

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Regarding the results of the actions to combat tax evasion, a value of $20.94 billion was reachedof which $16.39 trillion are effective income and $4.56 trillion are the result of control management.


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