Taiwan denounces the entry into its airspace of a balloon of unknown origin

Taiwan denounces the entry into its airspace of a balloon of unknown origin

24 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Taiwan authorities have detected this Friday in the northern part of the island a balloon that, according to the first investigations, would have meteorological surveillance purposes, according to the Air Force, which has not indicated that the device came from China.

The Taiwanese Armed Forces followed the balloon until it left the airspace. During this time, it did not pose any danger to transport in the area, according to the statement released by the military authorities and collected by the official CNA news agency.

Taipei had already denounced the presence of balloons in Taiwanese territory on other occasions, with Beijing as the main suspect. The Ministry of Defense even reported the recovery of the remains of a supposed device that apparently did not contain equipment that could be used for espionage work.

In this sense, the Taiwanese Government has clarified that all the balloons detected to date are apparently for scientific purposes, after the United States Administration did recently denounce the presence of an alleged spy device of Chinese origin in North American airspace.

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