Suvarnabhumi improves its services amid rebound in Thai tourism


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The Thai Ministry of Transport has instructed Suvarnabhumi Airport to urgently address the issue of long immigration queues and waiting times at baggage carousels, in order to ease the entry of international travelers amid the uptick in the tourism in Thailand.

As the country’s main port of international arrivals, Suvarnabhumi Airport registered a total of 4.3 million passengers last month, with a daily average of 138,287, representing a year-on-year growth of 317%.

In January 2023, the airport served 25,690 flights, with a daily average of 829 flights. About 2,000 of the flights that month – that is, about 80 daily flights – came from China, which meant a total of 255,000 arrivals, that is, about 11,000 passengers a day.

The increase in passengers has caused some problems at the airport, notably traffic jams at passport control and long baggage processing times. Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob stated that while these issues have now been resolved, more work needs to be done to ensure the airport’s capacity for future growth.

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The Ministry of Transport has ordered Airports of Thailand (AOT) to add an additional 60 immigration counters in the passport control areas of the airport. This expansion, which is in the process of selecting contractors, is expected to increase processing capacity at passport control to 3,000 people per hour.

In January 2023, the airport served 25,690 flights, with a daily average of 829 flights

Regarding baggage handling, the AOT has instructed the two ground handling companies to increase staff and equipment in order to accommodate more flights. Some airlines have been temporarily authorized to manage their own ground handling at the airport in an effort to help reduce delays.

The AOT is also selecting a third ground handling company to service flights at the airport, as this would allow the airport to more sustainably increase its flight and passenger growth capacity.

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