Super Mario Bros. Wonder: trailer, price, release date and more details of the Nintendo Switch game

The console nintendoswitch will feature a new Super Mario Bros. game. The Japanese company always has a special project of the plumber brothers and they did not disappoint the players during the Nintendo Direct event: they announced the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder by the end of 2023. Here we tell you all the details of the launch.

“Join Mario and friends in a new side-scrolling 2D adventure where you’ll roam a wonderful world, either solo or locally cooperatively! Super Mario Bros. Wonder will arrive on Nintendo Switch on October 20 ”, details the company in the first official trailer.

Only in the first trailer, we see that it is a 2D adventure. In this way, the franchise returns to the classic formula that has given it so much success. Of course, we will have new mechanics that will surprise more than one.

The pipes, the koopas, goombas and the piranha plants are maintained. To these creatures, special flowers are added that will have different effects, such as the blue one that completely modifies the setting. In the trailer, the pipes can be seen to come to life when Mario comes into contact with the flower.

There will also be levels where you will interact with the shadows of the characters and others where you have to jump on top of a stampede of huge sheep. In short, Nintendo knows that gamers want a lot more mechanics and will deliver with the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


Price and release date

On October 20, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the new 2D Mario game, will be released. You can now make the reservation in the virtual store of your Nintendo Switch console or separate the game on the official web portal of the company.

The price of the digital version is 229 soles or 59 dollars. There is still no price for the physical version that will hit stores around the world.

Official description of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The classic side-scrolling gameplay of Mario games will be insane with the addition of the Wonder Flower. These revolutionary objects will activate spectacular moments that you will have to see to believe. Watch the pipes come to life, create chaos as a huge spiked ball and witness more unexpected and wonderful events. Choose from heroic Super Mario characters and upgrades Choose from familiar characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi and Toad. Use a new transformation and become Elephant Mario to use your trunk to defeat enemies in unexpected ways!

Watch the full Nintendo Direct


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