Super Mario Bros. The Movie makes one of Nintendo’s worst products a bestseller

an unexpected success

Super Mario Bros. The Movie it is being an international box office success and the public is loving it. The success of this film is so great that it has even permeated other Nintendo products, including one of the worst things the company has released in its history.

It turns out that, as it counts comic bookthe live action film of Super Mario Bros. It is among the best-selling movies on Amazon. To be exact, the 1993 tape is at the top of the most popular in the online store, surpassing even the pre-sale of Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

But why this? Impossible to know. Some people probably bought it to remember how bad it was. It is also possible that some decided to collect it because it is offered for only $5 USD. Nor can we rule out that some have been confused and have bought it thinking that it was the tape that just came to theaters.

an unexpected success

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And you, what did you think of this news? Did you ever imagine that the first Mario movie would be among the best sellers on Amazon? Tell us in the comments.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie It is now available in theaters around the world. You can learn more about it if you click here.

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