Sunak would lose his seat in the Conservatives’ electoral debacle, according to a macro survey

Sunak would lose his seat in the Conservatives' electoral debacle, according to a macro survey

Rishi Sunak could not only reap the next 4th of July biggest debacle of the conservatives in a general election, but He could become the first sitting British minister not to renew his seat in an election, according to a macro survey published this Wednesday by the newspaper The Telegraph.

The survey, commissioned by Savanta and carried out between June 7 and 18 among 18,000 people, gives an account of the foreseeable catastrophe that all the surveys point to that the ‘Torie’ party will suffer at the polls.

He Conservative Party would obtain, according to this macro survey, the worst electoral result in its history when left alone with 53 seats of the 650 in the House of Commons, 312 less than it counts now.

The Labor Party Keir StarmerInstead, they would achieve a crushing victory: 516 seats, 314 more than in the last elections and almost a hundred more than those obtained with the overwhelming victory with Tony Blair in 1997 (418). The Liberals would obtain 56 seats.

Besides, Sunak could lose in his parliamentary constituency, Richmond (North Yorkshire County, England), which was once considered a conservative stronghold. However, Savanta warns that the battle is still very close by a narrow margin.

However, one second survey published this Wednesday, broadcast by YouGovgives to the Labor 425 seats, versus 108 of the Conservative Party.

This poll, carried out among 36,161 adults in England and Wales and 3,818 in Scotland from June 11 to 18, gives the Liberal Democrats 67 seats, 20 for the Scottish independence supporters of the SNP (-28); 5 to the populist Reform UK; 4 to the Welsh independence supporters of Plaid Cymru and 2 to the Green Party.

The British Prime Minister decided to call by surprise on May 22 early elections for next July 4 despite being at his worst moment of popularity and with all the polls against him.

Since then, the distance between conservatives and Labor has continued to increase in the various surveys published and most of them place Starmer about 20 percentage points ahead of the ‘tories’.

Sunak reached the number from 10 Downing Street appointed by his predecessor Liz Truss in October 2022 without undergoing elections.

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