Sudanese army and paramilitaries begin a mediation process to smooth things over

Sudanese army and paramilitaries begin a mediation process to smooth things over

25 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Sudanese Army has started a mediation process with the main paramilitary group in the country, the Rapid Intervention Forces, after the criticism expressed last week by the leader of this organization, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, alias ‘Hemedti’, to the paths of the current transition process in the African country led by the coup general Abdelfat√° al Burhan.

Dagalo again showed his disagreement last Sunday with the course that the transition process is taking in Sudan, in his opinion an “error” that “has opened the door to a return to the old regime” of dictator Omar al Bashir.

The statements by the leader of the RSF, a paramilitary force closely linked to the transcendental events that the African country has gone through until the consolidation of the current military junta, occur at an extremely delicate moment in the transition process that the country is going through after decades of dictatorship. .

Right now, in principle, there is an “official” peace agreement, known as the Framework Agreement, promoted by the Army and still under development, which has already been rejected by numerous civil society groups, who have preferred to negotiate their own sheet route in Cairo, one in which the military has no place, given the brutal repression they have exerted against opponents.

In response to ‘Hemedti’s’ statements, Al Burhan has launched an unprecedented media initiative against the paramilitary leader in recent days, according to the pan-Arab media outlet Al Jazeera, citing sources close to the tensions.

Faced with this situation, the United Arab Emirates has offered to mediate in this conflict by inviting Al Burhan and ‘Hemedti’ to visit the country, in addition to sending its Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Shakhbut bin Nayan, to the capital. of Sudan, Khartoum, to meet with Al Burhan and clarify positions.

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