Sudan investigates possible use of illegal ammunition during crackdown on anti-army protests

Sudan investigates possible use of illegal ammunition during crackdown on anti-army protests

Dec. 28 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Sudanese Prosecutor’s Office has announced the opening of an investigation to clarify the possible use of illegal ammunition during the repression of recent protests against the Army, mobilizations that have been taking place for more than a year in response to the November coup of 2021.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has informed me that our request has been accepted and that an investigation committee headed by Tahir Abdelrahman, chief prosecutor of the office for Martyrs, has been formed,” said lawyer and activist Mez Hadrat, according to the portal News Sudan Tribune.

Hadrat had filed a petition to investigate the possible use by the security forces of tear gas canisters filled with stones, nails and glass, which would have caused the death of two protesters between November 23 and 24.

The Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan (CCSD) has repeatedly denounced injuries due to the use of this type of material, which has led lawyers and activists to demand that its use be prohibited. In this sense, Hadrat has said that the petition was presented before the “significant increase in deaths and injuries from these dangerous projectiles.”

The military authorities and several political parties and civil society organizations recently signed a ‘framework agreement’ to relaunch the transition process, hard hit after the coup d’état led in 2021 by the head of the Army and president of the Sovereign Transition Council, Abdelfatá al Burhan, with the aim of holding elections within two years.

Al Burhan led a coup in October 2021 that overthrew the transitional prime minister, Abdalá Hamdok, appointed after an agreement between the previous military junta and various civil organizations and opposition formations.

Despite the fact that Hamdok, arrested after the coup, returned to office in November 2021 after an agreement signed with Al Burhan amid international pressure, he finally left office after denouncing the bloody repression of protests against the coup in the country. African country, which has resulted in more than a hundred deaths at the hands of the security forces.

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