Student from the Los Lagos Region recounts his experience of entering university via UNESCO Explora Cup

Student from the Los Lagos Region recounts his experience of entering university via UNESCO Explora Cup

It is a way of access to higher education that rewards the scientific career in the Explora Program.

In commemoration of the four years of implementation of the UNESCO Explore Quota is that last August 18, an activity organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation where university students enrolled through this alternative route of admission to higher education participated.

Annais Velasquez Calisto She was one of the invited students. She entered to study Nursing at the University of Chile thanks to the UNESCO Explora Quota, for which she applied for this option as a high school student at Colegio San Francisco Javier. On the occasion, where the students shared a breakfast with the CTCI Minister, Flavio Salazar, Undersecretary Carolina Gainza and the head of the Science and Society Division, Sonia PérezVelásquez highlighted the face-to-face instance and the opportunity to share his personal experience.

“It was a very moving experience, as it allowed me remember the scientific path I have traveled so far. I thought it was great, meeting and sharing with people with the same interest and passion for science, and especially because we also visited the Planetarium and did activities related to the scientific world, from a visit to the nanotechnology laboratory to a visit to the dome of the Planetarium, which generated a very pleasant and entertaining atmosphere”, commented the student.

The UNESCO Explore Quota It is a special admission route for higher education that, although it grants alternative access quotas to the Higher Education Access System, does not consider the financing of higher education. It is addressed to the students who made Research and School Innovation (IIE) and/or participated in some Regional and/or National Congress Explorewho can apply to receive this benefit in a wide network of universities.HMC 0242

For Velásquez, this initiative represented a tremendous opportunity, which has allowed him to expand your interests and passion for science in general. For this reason, he invited students and school communities to learn more about this type of initiative that allows continuity in the student’s scientific career.

“I am very grateful that there is an entry method that really values ​​the track record more than the results themselves. In my case, I leaned towards scientific development in terms of health, but I know that there are many other alternatives linked to both scientific and social aspects, so it is an option available to anyone who is interested. It also seems to me that it is not such a well-known initiative, so dissemination and participation is super important, if there is really an interest in entering the university, and basically, continuing to contribute to science from the perspective that is most we like it”, concluded the student.

Gabriela Navarro Manzanal, Director of the PAR Explora Los Lagoshighlighted the possibility of holding this meeting that allows different students to approach and share their experiences with the national authorities of the Ministry of Science, since thanks to the constant interest and participation of the students in these areas it is possible to advance in this type of initiatives.HMC 0075

“The UNESCO Explora Quota represents for many students an opportunity to continue and professionally develop their interests in science, technology, knowledge and innovation, which in the future will allow these students to materialize their dreams of becoming researchers and researchers and contribute with their knowledge to society. As Explora Los Lagos, we will soon be informing school communities about the call and applications so that they can apply for this access route,” Navarro said.

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