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Spotify will launch its hi-fi service, but it would be more expensive

A few months ago, a Reddit user reported that he had been asked to answer a survey about whether he would be a Platinum-level subscriber to Spotify. It cost $19.99 a month ($10 more than the current plan) and would include hi-fi music, a headphone tuner, and other extra features for managing playlists.

What other HiFi music services are on the market?

High fidelity music, or lossless audio, is one of the most current trends that have been generated in the streaming industry and is aimed at a music lover, that is, who wants to spend a little more money to have a better experience. experience listening to your music.

Because it is focused on such a specific audience, the offer is not as wide in the world of streaming. One of the options to listen to music in high quality is Tidal, which has more than 50,000 songs for a price of 99 pesos per month or 199 pesos for higher quality.

Another alternative is Amazon Music Unlimited, which provides access to more than 90 million songs in HiFi and more than seven million in Ultra High Definition for an extra 99 pesos per month in addition to the Prime subscription. While the third option is Apple Music, which already integrates high-quality music for 155 pesos a month.

What is needed to enjoy HiFi audio?

To take advantage of the music experience in HiFi it is necessary to have some features both in the networks and in the devices. The first is that the connection must be greater than 1.5 mbps, as long as the device supports 16-bit or higher. A frame of reference for this is from the iPhone 4S onwards, while in the case of headphones or speakers, these must allow some dynamic of more than 20 kHz.

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