Spotify tests creating an offline playlist of recently played songs

June 9 (Portaltic/EP) –

Spotify has reported on a new feature in testing with which to create a playlist automatically titled ‘Your offline mix’for occasions in which the user does not have access to the Internet and that will include the songs that have been played recently.

The streaming music playback platform already has a function in which allows to download songs and even, full playliststo listen to them without having to have an Internet connection.

However, these downloads are done manually, selecting the desired songs or ‘playlist’. In addition, it must be done prior to disconnecting the device, since the use of a connection is necessary for the download.

Within this framework, Spotify has begun testing a new feature capable of automatically creating a playlist called ‘Your mix offline’. This playlist will store a mix of songs the user has played recently and, as its name indicates, it will be available to reproduce in case of not having an Internet connection.

This has been announced by Spotify CEO Daniel Ekthrough a Twitter postin which he explained that the company is developing this new function designed for “those times when you may not be online.”

In addition, as the company defines in the description of the ‘playlist’, shared in a screenshot by Ek, it is a mixture of the songs played recently for when “the vibe is up, but the connection is down.”

This feature can be especially useful at times when the network connection is weak or not constant asfor example, when traveling by train or by boat.

However, at the moment ‘Your mix offline’ is a function that the company is still testing. So it has not reported upcoming releases.

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