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Lobby experience greatly improved

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What seemed like a risky new franchise born on a dead console turned out to be Nintendo’s next big thing. Of course we are talking about splatoona franchise whose first 2 installments have sold millions of copies to become a star series of a company with emblematic brands of the video game industry.

The success of splatoon made a third installment inevitable. 5 years after the launch of splatoon 2Nintendo decided to release Splatoon 3, a delivery that will take us back to ink duels to entertain us for hours. That said, it is a reality that there is not much that can be added to a game of this type, therefore, there was concern that it would be more of the same.

It will be Splatoon 3 is it too repetitive for its own good? In part, yes, but there are many things that it does well to only focus on that.

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Making the necessary adjustments

Splatoon 3 it is an extremely repetitive sequel; if you played splatoon 2 It will be very familiar to you. What really matters is that Nintendo made the necessary adjustments and adjustments so that it is not just another paint fight game, but the best of all. Exactly what improvement Splatoon 3? Let’s go by parts.

The main thing is that Splatoon 3 It is light years ahead in terms of quality of life. There is no reason to hide it: the online of splatoon 2 it was embarrassing and seemed to be stuck in a decade when the franchise didn’t even exist. Luckily, Nintendo took away the foolishness and detected that it was necessary to bring online to 2022.

It can be said that the attempt was ¾ of the way there, but it was enough to renew the experience. One key change is that you can now kill time between matches in a training camp to hone your skills. This means that the perception of waiting between games is significantly reduced; especially since most of the time you are playing and not looking at the screen waiting for a game to form.

Lobby experience greatly improved

It would have been rude Splatoon 3 It will arrive without new weapons or scenarios. Fortunately, Nintendo avoided this serious mistake and gave us a game with new content that is not abundant, but has the seal of quality of the brand. The new scenarios are entertaining, beautiful and with ideas that give them personality. The weapons that make their debut in this installment are viable and incredibly fun to use, who never dreamed of using a bow and sword in paint wars?

There are other small improvements, but we think that the most riveted players will appreciate them. For example, the camera changed by stopping adjusting its position as soon as you start to move to the side and now it waits a few seconds. It’s a small change, but it refines the feel of the game and makes aiming while moving more intuitive.

There’s also a new squid mode dodge move, which allows you to escape faster and even gives you a small period of invulnerability. This makes control feel more fluid and natural, resulting in a better experience.

The time has come to talk about one of the star modes: Salmon Run. In splatoon 2 we love it, but it had a serious problem: Nintendo made the arbitrary decision to only offer it at certain times to limit its availability.

Salmon Run is now available whenever you want. The mode has few changes, but introduces new salmonids that can make your life miserable. To this is added an extra round that appears by surprise and in which you must get eggs to defeat the King Salmonid. Salmon Run has never been so much fun and it’s one of those ways that you’re going to stay awake playing with friends.

Finally, we want to remind you that Splatoon 3 has a campaign that wants to be an option for you to have fun and improve your skills. It feels like a step forward compared to what we’ve seen and has some great ideas on different levels, although it falls short… more on that later.

Salmon Run is still insanely fun
Salmon Run is still insanely fun

Nintendo is still Nintendo

The leap in quality of life improvements from splatoon 2 a Splatoon 3 it is truly immense. On many occasions the past delivery was tedious because Nintendo was still stuck in a past that the industry left forgotten around 2008.

Unfortunately, just because things are much better doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Yes, meeting your friends is easier and waiting between games is no longer the perfect cure for insomnia; however, there are some things that could be improved. This is the case of the total absence of integrated voice chat within the game.

That’s right: it seems that Nintendo is still stubborn and insists that the application for Nintendo Switch Online should be the center of the voice chat of its games. This affects experiences like Splatoon 3, as it’s convenient to have chat integrated into the console. After all, if I’m already going to have to use my cell phone to talk, why not meet up with my friends on Discord instead?

Communication is essential in Splatoon 3, why complicate it?
Communication is essential in Splatoon 3, why complicate it?

We want to mention that it doesn’t seem too bad to us that Splatoon 3 is such a repetitive sequel; however, we would have liked Nintendo to do a little more to show off that it is a completely new installment. Meaning, we’d like them to prioritize new content so it feels like a real fresh coat of paint.

For example, the new Salmon Run is phenomenal. We love being able to play it anytime and it’s fun beating salmonids freshly. The problem is that he debuted with only 2 maps and one of them is Splatoon 2. So if you’re unlucky on map rotation, you’ll feel like you’re playing Splatoon 2.5 instead of a completely new installment.

Something similar can be said for the regular mode scenarios. At its launch, Splatoon 3 received 5 new maps and the remaining 7 are levels that we already saw in splatoon and in its sequel. So in your first few hours of ink dueling, there may be times when you spend a lot of time on maps and modes that you’ve enjoyed for years. A true deja vu.

We insist, this is not necessarily bad. splatoon Y splatoon 2 they have great maps and the selection of this new installment is great, we just think that tipping the scales towards new scenarios would have been good for it to really feel like a hit of novelties. After all, the above maps can always be added as part of the long service plan that exists.

Finally, we find it regrettable that among all its improvements, Splatoon 3 don’t end up with the terrible input lag that tainted so many games of its predecessor. A small improvement is perceived, but it is still far from the fluidity that the first installment had. Will they ever fix it? At this point, we highly doubt it.

The maps and modes you already know
The maps and modes you already know

A campaign that continues without curdling

There is something in Splatoon 3 did not finish convincing us was his campaign. We want to be very clear: it is the best the franchise has ever had. If you played the ones from past deliveries, you know that the bar is at a very low level.

As we said, there are times when the 1-player section of Splatoon 3 It’s entertaining and manages to shine. Unfortunately, they are flashes of genius that are absent at almost all times and there are a lot of scenarios that you will pass as a mere expedient. It’s funny how you can go from a level that leaves you with a smile on your face to another where keeping your attention to the top is a challenge.

It is sad that at times the campaign of Splatoon 3 it just feels like a measure to avoid being criticized for the lack of options for a player, instead of being something that is truly needed. Does he get to have fun? Sure, but it’s unfortunate that 3 installments later Nintendo’s ideas don’t gel into anything more than a series of levels that feel like an introduction to multiplayer.

Perhaps the problem is that, although it tries, it fails to deliver a true adventure. It seems to us that it is a collection of unconnected ideas that in other games would be offered as speedrun challenges or something similar. We insist, at times it shines and has good ideas, but it is far from being a reason to buy Splatoon 3.

There are good ideas in the campaign, but it still doesn't work
There are good ideas in the campaign, but it still doesn’t work

More of the same, but better

Well they say that if it’s not broken you shouldn’t fix it and that’s perfect for Splatoon. The colorful franchise is an international success and, despite being relatively young, can already be considered one of the many pillars of Nintendo.

Due to the above, it is normal that its creators have preferred to continue on the same line and deliver more of the same to all the players who are thirsty for ink battles between squid boys and octopus boys. the only thing i needed Splatoon 3 to be a success was to refine the already solid experience of its 2 predecessors, and that is something it does phenomenally well.

Without a doubt, there will be those who criticize him for that and they are comments that have some reason. Especially when you consider that some of its changes and tweaks may go unnoticed by those who didn’t put tens of hours into past installments. Nevertheless, Splatoon 3 does everything to be the best installment in the series and by far.

Splatoon 3 debuted on September 9, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about this title by clicking here.

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