SPC’s Dickens Light Pro, a comfortable ‘eReader’ adaptable to different situations

June 25. (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

Summer always presents itself as the right time to retrieve pending readings, and electronic devices such as the ‘eReader’, the perfect companion to take them all with us wherever we go.

reading is a hobby for 64 percent of Spaniards, who do not limit this activity to study or work. and precisely lack of free time It is the main impediment (49.8%) to being able to pick up a novel, a collection of poems or an essay and enjoy the lyrics, according to data from the ‘Barometer of Reading Habits and Buying Books in Spain 2021’.

In this context, the Dickens Light Pro from SPC is a versatile proposition that allows us to read during the day and at night, when the light is scarce, thanks to its anti-glare screen and the lighting it integrates.

The digital reader allows adjust both the brightness and color temperature of the light, to adapt it to the moment and the needs of our sight. But if we don’t want to be changing the values, we can also choose one of the three default light options it offers: warm light, cold light and an intermediate tone.

Another advantage of this reader is the possibility of change the direction of reading, from vertical to horizontal, covering more screen width. The change, however, is not particularly intuitive, since this option must be located within the book that we are reading, but it is not enough to simply touch the screen -which is touch-, but to touch it at a specific point.

The menu inside the book opens if you touch at the bottom, otherwise we will turn the page. Here, you can find access to a dictionary, lighting settings and another submenu with options for bookmarks, screen refresh, font size and reading direction.

The screen, 6 inchesIt is large enough to comfortably enjoy the book. And it is integrated into a device that does not stand out for being large either, which helps to put it in any backpack or bag and take it with us on vacation.

Electronic ink technology offers a clear reading of the letters and the interface includes enough elements to be able to browse the ‘ebooks’ saved in the library -which we can organize by folders-. If we want we can also save images.

Due to its size and functions that facilitate reading, Dickens Light Pro is an ‘eReader’ to take into account, especially if what we want is a device that offers comfortable reading support that can be adapted to different situationsand not more sophisticated functions such as Internet access or wireless charging, which other readers on the market do offer but which are not essential to enjoy a good book.

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