Spanish streamer finishes ELDEN RING using 1 button and morse code

Silithur also defeated Malenia using Morse code

The titles of FromSoftware especially the soulsborne, are known for their high difficulty and there are some fans who take this to the extreme and aim to finish them in the most complicated ways possible, such as using bananas, guitars, bongos or simply the mind. A player has just been added to the list who finished ELDEN RIN wearing Morse code.

The feat was carried out by the Spanish streamer Silithurwhich proposed at the beginning of last February to spend the ELDEN RING using only 1 button and the Morse key.

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Depending on the type of commands the player registered through the button, their character performed actions, such as light attacks or dodges, or continuous or cycling actions, such as walking or running.

Well, after almost 2 months, the player finally achieved his goal and defeated the final boss.

“I announce that yesterday we finished ELDEN RING with a button, arriving and killing all the Bosses that provide remembrance. It has been quite an adventure and I had not dared to do another challenge of this caliber for years. Thank you to those who have accompanied you on the trip,” he expressed Silithur.

Elon Musk challenged Silithur and the streamer won

Just as the streamer mentioned, the challenge had been completed. However, his feat attracted so much attention that even the owner of Twitter (X) joined the conversation to comment that “the final battle is beautiful, but easy”, not giving much credit to Silithurbut rather challenging him to do it with the most difficult opponent the game has: Malenia.

“Well, do you mean easy because I'm very good at this game?” the streamer replied, attaching a video in which he manages to previously defeat the optional enemy. Malenia.

In case you missed it: .

Silithur also defeated Malenia using Morse code

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ELDEN RING It debuted on February 24, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can find out more about him by visiting his profile or checking out our written review.

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