Spain, among the 10 countries most affected by SupremeBot, the ‘malware’ related to Super Mario 3

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July 7 (Poraltic/EP) –

Spain it’s found among the ten countries most affected by ‘malware’ related with the super mario 3 video game, a Trojan capable of stealing access credentials and mining cryptocurrencies with SupremeBot, which is introduced by downloading this video game, taking advantage of its popularity among users.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is an adaptation of the original game that Nintendo released in 1988 for SNES, which can be played on both mobile (Android, iOS) and computer (Windows, Mac). However, This is not an official Nintendo game.but that it has been created by fans of the original title.

At the end of June, a Increased attacks by cybercriminals distributing a Trojan via a legitimate installertaking advantage of the popularity of the Super Mario video games.

It is a threat that hides in a supposed file that contains the game Super Mario 3: Mario Forever. After downloading the game, users also unintentionally install the SupremeBot mining client. This is based on the miner Monero (XMR) and the malicious ‘Software’ Threshold Stealer.

Now, researchers from the cybersecurity company Kaspersky have detected that Spain is one of the countries most affected by this campaign of attacksalong with other countries such as Mexico, Russia, Brazil, the United States and India.

Specifically, as indicated in a statement, the researchers have registered more than 300,000 attacks through this technique. In addition, they have highlighted the danger of Umbral Stealer, since they define it as a “very aggressive” program capable of stealing “any user information”.

So much so, that through Threshold Stealer cybercriminals are capable of steal from login credentials from a website until keys of the ‘wallets’ of cryptocurrencies or login tokens. In fact, it has been observed that they focus especially on the theft of tokens from Discord, Telegram, Roblox and Minecraft.

Additionally, Umbral Stealer can also do computer screenshots and even, get pictures from camera Of the device. On the other hand, regarding the Monero (XMR) cryptominer, works in the background so that the user does not realize its presence.

As a consequence, the installation of this ‘malware’ package also causes the computer consumes more power than normal and therefore that his performance is affected and slowed down.

For all these reasons, Kaspersky has recalled that this type of attack, in which pirated and free games are used to introduce ‘malware’, is widespread. In fact, as he explained, they are “fertile ground” for cybercriminals that intend to mine cryptocurrencies, since the PCs used for ‘gaming’ tend to have high specifications able to endure this work.

That is, these PCs use high power technology in general, but especially in the graphics cardsWhat are they “the necessary element for cryptocurrency mining”. This makes them a very common target for malicious actors.

Based on avoiding the infection of these ‘malwares’, the Kaspersky researchers have recalled that it is advisable download games only from official sources. In addition, it must also be taken into account that the games that are usually the most anticipated “can never be legally downloaded before their official launch”, so they must be wary.

also has to be careful when downloading cheats or game modssince they can also hide ‘malware’ easily.

Regarding credential theft, Kaspersky has stressed that passwords should not be saved in the browser, If not, a password manager must be used. Finally, they have also pointed out the importance of using a security solution.

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