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Sony reveals an ambitious new controller for PlayStation: this is the DualSense Edge

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This Tuesday during opening of Gamescom 2022, Sony has presented an ambitious new controller for PlayStation 5. It is the Dual Sense Edgea higher level proposal focused on the most demanding players.

As we can see in the images, the new Sony controller for PlayStation maintains a certain essence of the traditional DualSense, but like Microsoft does with the Xbox Elite Series 2, it bets on a personalized experience.

Sony’s response to Microsoft’s most ambitious command

The new DualSense Edge is, without a doubt, a response to Microsoft’s most professional command. Sony hasn’t provided many details, but images shared during Gamescom give us an idea of ​​its features.

At the design level, the color scheme of the standard DualSense is maintained, which is shared with the design of the PS5. However, it seems a bit thicker. We may see adjustable joysticks and customization profiles.

It should be noted that Sony has not revealed the price and availability of this new product. However, since it has superior features, it will surely be more expensive than the standard version. Now we just have to wait for more details.

And let’s not forget that this Tuesday it was also announced that the PlayStation VR2 will arrive in early 2023. In this way, we glimpse how the PlayStation gaming experience ecosystem is being fueled by much more than titles.

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