Sony creates gaming brand INZONE and launches new monitors and headphones

Sony creates gaming brand INZONE and launches new monitors and headphones

June 28. (Portaltic/EP) –

Sony has presented the new brand of INZONE professional gaming productswhich opens with new monitors and headphones that bring together the company’s experience and technology to offer players an immersive experience and help them achieve victory in the most competitive scenarios.

“The market has been expanding with a strong interest in ‘gaming’ thanks to the proliferation of eSport tournaments and the advancement of entertainment games. With Sony’s strong track record in high-end audiovisual technology products, we believe that This new line offers even more options for those looking to upgrade their equipment,” said Yukihiro Kitajima, Head of Game Business and Marketing Office at Sony Corporation.

With this movement, the company seeks to “foster the growth of gaming culture”, offering PC and PlayStation players “a wide range of options”. Specifically, it has presented the new monitors INZONE M9 and INZONE M3, with high resolution, high dynamic range images and a high refresh rate; Y three headphones, in which it incorporates 360 spatial sound and noise cancellation (in the most ‘premium’ model).

“This new brand reflects Sony’s experience as a pioneer in audiovisual technology, offering features that will immerse players in the action with total concentration“, they add from the company, explaining that their target is that of “intensive players”, who can spend more than three hours a day dedicated to video games, mainly shooter-type titles.


The new INZONE M9 monitor with HDR, which will be available this summer for 1,099 euros, offers 4K resolution and high contrast with Full Array Local Dimming, for gamers looking for the best gaming experience with deep black detail and high brightness. Players will also have a 144Hz refresh rate, IPS, and 1ms GtG response time (Gray to Gray) for faster reaction.

For its part, the INZONE M3 monitor has a Refresh rate Full HD 240 Hz with 1 ms GtG (Gray to Gray) and variable refresh rate technology, allowing gamers accurately capture the movements of rivals. This model does not yet have a launch date or indicative price, although it is expected to hit the market in winter.

One of these monitors draws attention to their Low-profile tripod stand optimizes desktop space for peripherals. With the monitor taking up little space on the table, gamers can easily position an angled keyboard and large mouse pad around or below the screen. Other features include height and tilt adjustment, a choice of backlight colors and cable management to keep your desk clutter-free.


The new line also features two new wireless earphones, the INZONE H9 -with 32 hours of battery life- and the INZONE H7 -with 40 hours of autonomy-, along with wired headphones, the INZONE H3. All three models are equipped with a flexible, flip-up boom microphone with mute function, allowing users to effortlessly communicate with team members during gameplay. Prices will be 100 euros for the most basic model, 250 for the INZONE H7 and 300 for the top of the range, the H9.

360 spatial sound for gaming, powered by INZONE Hub PC software, reproduces spatial sound from multi-channel audio signals. This faithful reproduction of sound enhances spatial awareness, allowing the player to accurately hear footsteps and movements. With the ‘360 Spatial Sound Personalizer’ phone app, users also get spatial sound optimized to the shape of your earto achieve a real gaming experience.

In the same way, Sony puts the technology of the 1000X series headphones at the service of these new devices. Specifically, the INZONE H9 have multiple microphones for noise cancellationor that avoid any interference during the game and have dual noise sensor technology to let in important environmental sounds, such as a phone call or doorbell.

Monitors and headphones are also perfect for PlayStation5. Specifically, the INZONE M9 monitor features Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which works with consoles to automatically recognize the monitor during initial setup to optimize HDR settings. For their part, gamers will also be able to adjust the parameters of their INZONE H9 and INZONE H7 headsets easily, as well as see them reflected on the screen in the control center of the PlayStation5

Finally, users will have a ‘software’ for PC, ‘INZONE Hub’from which they can personalize their experience by customizing a wide range of operations, including a series of sound and ‘hardware’ settings.

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