Sony announces a new DualSense Edge with rear buttons and greater modularity

Sony announces a new DualSense Edge with rear buttons and greater modularity

Sony today announced a new version of the PlayStation 5 controller under the name DualSense Edgeand it is the most customizable PlayStation controller to date, as we find a control that has four new buttons, an update in the joysticks and triggers, and a reinforced design for the USB port.

The rear buttons come with new features to remap their functions, in addition to allowing the type of buttons to be changed with other shapes. We also find this in its joysticks, that allow us to change between low, standard or high height. It should be noted that the joystick modules are replaceable, so, if we have drift problems, we will not have to throw the entire controller in the trash.

The user can adjust the sensitivity of the joysticks, as well as its dead zones, so that we can use presets for our command and being able to adjust it to the preferences of the different users who are going to play with that particular controller. The two function buttons will also allow us to access extra functions, such as adjusting the volume of the game.

Aesthetically we find some subtle changes, like a bright area around the joysticks, plus a black background for the face buttons. For now Sony has not announced the price of this improved controller, but it will not be cheap, being able to compare to the Xbox Elite.

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