Someone has taken his AMD Radeon graphics card to the extreme with a benchmark: he ended up destroying it

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Benchmarks are great for measuring the performance of our devices. In this world we find a wide variety of applications that allow us to focus on specific components, for example, the processor, memory or graphics. And, although these types of tests are not designed to cause problems, there are those who for various reasons have them.

A Reddit user he got a surprise when you have tried to stress test your AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU. As he explains, he started benchmarking and walked away from the computer for 30 minutes. Upon returning he found that his monitor was not displaying the graphics correctly. Unfortunately for this gamer, something seemed to have gone wrong at the hardware level.

This gamer no longer has a graphics card

The protagonist of this story does not provide too many details about the rest of the components of his computer, but he does give us some clues to understand what happened. Some community members suggested that this gamer had used furmark, which is one of the most well-known stress testing programs. However, the program used was MSI Kombustor.

MSI Kombustor it’s not something completely different, in fact, it’s based on Furmark. At the time of running the test, as expected, the system pushed the aforementioned graphics card’s hardware to the limit to test its stability and thermal performance, but for some reason that is not clear, the component stopped working properly and started to display artifacts on the screen.

The artifacts on screen, or artifacts in English, are effects that can appear scattered on the screen and distort the image. In general, these are aberrations ranging from lines to inaccurate colors and blurred elements. At first they seem to indicate hardware problems, and although a specialist should offer an accurate diagnosis, the Reddit user has his own theories.

AMD Radeon RX 5000 Series

According to his account, during the benchmark the temperature of the VRAM (video memory) reached 100 degrees, although his “Google searches” indicated that it was within the normal range. The truth is that several users of the Radeon RX 5700 XT have come to the AMD forums with questions about the apparently high temperatures that their graphs reached.

In any case, the graphics card of the user in this story did not survive the test. “It seems that he memory module is dead”, he says, noting that the information about it no longer appears in GPU-Z, one of the many utilities that provide data on video cards. After this, and seeing that he had damaged his GPU, the user has gone out to buy a second-hand one.

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We do not know the details of the Reddit user’s computer and the state of his GPU. However, we know that temperature and computer components are not good friends, so a good way to take care of our devices is by giving them the necessary maintenance and making sure that the cooling systems work properly.

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