Snapchat opens its Web version to all its users

Snapchat opens its Web version to all its users

Snapchat announced a web application during the month of July, thus marking the first time that this application appeared outside of mobile applications. Nevertheless, there was a cost to this, as Snapchat Web was only available to Snapchat Premium usersat least until now, which has been made free for everyone.

The announcement of this increased availability was made today, as we read in The Vergein which new features have also been announced for the social network in general, but some in particular for the web version that will be welcome for some of the users who are there.

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For example, now on Snapchat Web we can make video calls with friends and chat with synchronization of messages between mobile and web – what less – por what is definitely an improvement of the possibilities of a social network which isn’t part of the major networks we normally think of, but is still pretty big on its own.

In any case, it is appreciated that this method of use has ended up being free and has not been only in the payment section of the social network, which is apparently having quite a bit of success.

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