Silent Hill studio: Ascension is working on an interactive Borderlands series

Borderlands will have its own interactive series

It was recently confirmed that silent hill He will return with some projects and one of them is an interactive series. If the concept caught your attention, you should know that the studio in charge of this production is also preparing something similar for borderlands.

Genvid Entertainment, studio that is taking over Silent Hill: Ascensionconfirmed that he is also working on an interactive series of borderlands. his name is Borderlands EchoVision Live and it will be a production that will focus on 8 individuals who want to become Vault Hunnters.

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So in Borderlands EchoVision Live We will follow this group to travel through Eden-6 on a guided tour. At first everything seems to be extremely safe, but everything changes when they get stuck in Greywater Junction, a place full of bandits. The interesting thing is that what happens there will not depend on them, since the audience will choose the path that the adventure follows.

“Fans will have a direct and permanent influence on the story and characters of Borderlands: EchoVision Livean unfolding narrative experience in which all audience members participate in what story decisions are made and collectively experience a shared outcome,” Genvid said in a statement.

Borderlands will have its own interactive series

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Unfortunately, Genvid Entertainment did not share any further details about Borderlands EchoVision Live. So, we will have to wait to find out how this project will work and what all its possibilities will be.

What do you think about this new? Do you think an interactive series of borderlands It sounds exciting? Tell us in the comments.

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