SIE London Studio’s multiplayer could debut on PS5 and PC the same day

Official Game as a Service Art by SIE London Studio

It is a fact that in the current generation of PlayStation there will be a change of direction as the brand will bet on games as a service, a sector that Sony considers as an outstanding debt. Hence, some teams at PlayStation Studios are already working on games as a service and online multiplayer experiences and one of them could debut on the same day on PlayStation 5 and PC trying to promote the new era of the brand.

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The new game from SIE London Studio would debut on day 1 on PS5 and PC

According to information from puter, a vacancy published by SIE Londo Studio refers to the search for a combat designer who is in charge of converting the various elements of the proposed system for their game, such as large-scale combat, from a concept to a playable experience. The detail in question is that the job offer requests someone to work for PlayStation 5 and PC, which would anticipate that the development process is contemplating both platforms and that could mean a launch on day 1, different from the current process where it is published first on console and then on computer.

Official Game as a Service Art by SIE London Studio

In case you don’t know, SIE London Studio is working on a game as a cooperative service that will take place in a fantasy version of London but with modern touches, not from the Middle Ages. In this sense, the vacancy also refers to the need to work on the balance of the hero offer, so this studio’s game could take inspiration from the recent proposals on the market with characters with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

When the new SIE London Studio project was announced, it was presented as an exclusive PS5 game but apparently that will only be on consoles since its shared platform will be PC, something understandable since thinking about the success of a game of this type limited to one platform looks crazy.

It was recently revealed that Sony will be investing heavily in PlayStation but the bulk of that budget will be allocated to research and development of its games-as-a-service and online multiplayer offerings.

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