Shakira’s explosive and successful songs after her breakup with Piqué (and other heartbreaks)

( ) — After the global phenomenon of Shakira’s Session No. 53 with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, a very clear message addressed to the Colombian’s ex-partner, former soccer player Gerard Piqué, comes the long-awaited collaboration of the artist with her compatriot Karol G, “La Bichota “.

Although no specific names are given, it is speculated on social networks that both interpreters sing to their ex-partners: Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué.

After their separation, Shakira has returned to music doing what she knows how to do: songs that have become world hits. But she has also sent a powerful message of empowerment and confidence, and how to move on after a breakup.

We made here a list of Shakira’s most outstanding heartbreak songs, from the most recent to those that are already classics:

TQG – Karol G, Shakira

Session No. 53, together with Bizarrap

What began with an exchange of messages on social networks between the Colombian and the Argentine, exploded as a hit this week with a partying and explosive session in the well-known and viral format of the Argentine producer, the music sessions.

With an eighties spirit and the well-known Bizarrap synthesizers, Shakira threw darts at her ex-partner, with whom she had a 12-year relationship and has two children, Sasha and Milán, and even at the Catalan’s new partner.

“I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you / I only make music, sorry that you get salty… it stings,” Shakira sings.

In the first 9 hours after the release, the video for this song had 22 million views.

Monotony, together with Ozuna

But this isn’t the first heartbreak song from shake In this last stage, which, according to what he told ELLE magazine, has been one of the “darkest” of his life, not only because of his family problems, but also because of his problems with the Treasury and a health episode with his father.

Heartbreak and rupture were also the central axis of “Monotonía”, the previous song by the Colombian singer, released in October 2022, together with the Puerto Rican Ozuna. In this song, Shakira spoke crudely about how her heart was broken.

In Monotonía, the artist gives a hard account of the breakup of her relationship, singing how “what was incredible one day became routine.”

Sony Music said that “Monotonía” was the biggest female solo debut on YouTube.

“I congratulate you” with Raw Alejandro

“To complete you I broke into pieces / They warned me but I didn’t listen”…

This was the first song of this stage of heartbreak in which the Colombian spoke of breakup, disappointment and the deceit of her ex-partner.

Together with the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, Shakira released a song with catchy lyrics and a music video full of dance and color, which quickly went viral, in which an unnoticed listener can understand the clear message: “I congratulate you, how well you act “.

Other songs

For decades, Shakira has accompanied us through her music in moments of heartbreak with hymns that transcend time and are still present in any hard stage of spite.

These are six other songs from shake that talk about love breakups and that have marked us:

Not (2005)

I warn you, I announce you (2001)

If You Go (1998)

Unavoidable (1998)

Flies in the House (1998)

Anthology (1995)

— With information from Marysabel Huston-Crespo.

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