Sessions in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The General Directorate of Public Investments of the Ministry of Finance, of Honduras, with the support of the RIDASICC Project, executed by the Subregional Headquarters in Mexico of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Finance of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (SECOSEFIN), carry out this Course-Workshop the days of March 20 to 23. Officials from 22 Honduran government institutions participate in it.

The inauguration of the workshop was attended by the Undersecretary of Credit and Public Investment of the Ministry of Finance (SEFIN) who recognized that the region has made progress in terms of resilience but there is still much to be done to overcome the adversities derived from climate change Therefore, it is necessary to advance in the methodologies and conceptual frameworks with different tools within participatory spaces to have an improvement in the implementation of public investment. He hoped that the workshop would become a turning point to prevent the effects of the events and urged all government entities to take responsibility and advance in the DRR-ASICC with the support of friendly institutions such as ECLAC.

The Head of the Agricultural Development and Climate Change Unit of ECLAC’s Subregional Headquarters in Mexico, who is the Coordinator of the project, Ms. Julie Lennox, thanked the efforts of the instances participating in the workshop and stressed the opportunities to present an offer of better designed, strengthened projects and thus take advantage of international financing of initiatives with DRR-ASICC perspective in an effective and transparent way.

At the inaugural event, the publication of the “Situational Diagnosis of National Public Investment Systems: Honduras 2020” was delivered, which was prepared jointly with national institutions and which allowed guiding the design of operational plans and ensuring that the RIDASICC project responds to the specific needs of the country in its implementation.

In this way, based on the experience and knowledge of project formulators and evaluators of the Honduran public sector and with the collaboration of the technical team of the RIDASICC Project, it is expected to contribute to strengthening their capacities for the practical integration of DRR-ASICC in the process of identification, formulation and evaluation of investment projects.

Likewise, sessions are planned to identify potential Pilot Projects that will be strengthened in the coming months in a training process with a “learning-by-doing” approach and with practical support for the national teams responsible for their formulation in order to better integrate elements of DRR-ASICC and thus reduce the risk of interrupting basic services required by the population of Guatemala.


ECLAC and the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Treasury or Finance Ministers of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (SECOSEFIN) with the close participation of the seven Treasury or Finance Ministries and three Planning Ministries or Secretariats responsible for the National Investment Systems Public (SNIP) of the member countries of COSEFIN/SICA implement the RIDASICC project with financing from COSUDE.

Focused on capacity building, the RIDASICC project has interconnected training components with a “learning-by-doing” approach, strengthening of methodological guides, generation of tools, pilot projects and strengthening of geographic information systems required for the formulation and evaluation of projects. of public investment.

The project combines actions at the national level focused on strengthening the capacities of the SNIPs, including dependencies and entities of the prioritized sectors and specialized institutions, with actions at the regional level to strengthen the capacities of SICA instances, including COSEFIN, the Sectoral Council of Ministers of Transportation of Central America of the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (COMITRAN/SIECA), the Coordination Center for the Prevention of Disasters in Central America and the Dominican Republic (CEPREDENAC), the Regional Committee for Hydraulic Resources (CRRH) and the Secretariat General of SICA.

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