Senegal’s government coalition accuses opponent Ousmane Sonko of wanting to “block the normal course of justice”

Senegal's government coalition accuses opponent Ousmane Sonko of wanting to "block the normal course of justice"

March 17 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Senegal’s government coalition has accused prominent opposition figure Ousmane Sonko of “blocking the normal course of justice” following incidents between security forces and supporters of the politician on Thursday as he was on his way to a court hearing in the capital, Dakar. .

“Mr. Osumane Sonko and his party have suffered a bitter failure in their attempt to block the normal course of justice,” said Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) spokeswoman Fatoumata Niang Bam, before accusing opponents of ” challenge the institutions.

Thus, he has stated that the mayor of Zinguinchor is “entangled in judicial files” and has stressed that “he seeks to use all means to escape”, as reported by the Senegalese state news agency, APS.

“This strategy has failed unfortunately given the determination of the State when it comes to exercising its authority and protecting the integrity of the institutions, order and the tranquility of the citizens,” he stressed, while applauding the “professionalism” of the security forces.

In this sense, Bam stressed that Sonko “will not be able to free himself from the obligation to answer for his actions” and has stressed BBY’s “unreserved” support for “institutions, particularly the justice system and the security forces “.

Sonko denounced on Thursday that he had been the victim of police brutality after being taken from a vehicle that was taking him to a court in Dakar to be tried for defamation, an event that led to clashes between his followers and the security forces.

The incidents led to a new suspension of the trial against Sonko, who is accused of discrediting Tourism Minister Mame Mbaye Niang, although the opponent maintains that it is nothing more than a ploy against his reputation ahead of the next presidential elections in February 2024.

The Liberate the People coalition, which includes the Senegalese Patriots Africans for Work, Ethics and Fraternity (PASTEF) party, called several rallies throughout the country this week in favor of Sonko, who aspires to run for these elections.

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