Senator enters Congress accompanied by his “little horse” Passport

Senator enters Congress accompanied by his "little horse" Passport

Senator Alirio Barrera entered the Colombian Congress on Tuesday accompanied by his horse, Passport, which caused a stir after the release of videos and photos by various local media.

Barrera, from the Democratic Center, spoke to the head of Congress, Roy Barreras, who last week approved the new regulation that authorizes legislators to attend sessions with their pet.

However, the legislator was not expected to enter the important institution in Bogotá with such a pet.

Barrera was questioned by the media about his unexpected behavior and said that he did it “because the president stated that senators, some have cats, dogs, others have other little things; I have my little horse, which is my pet. […] so I wasn’t going to waste that papayazo“, said.

The senator toured part of the center of the capital, the Plaza de Bolívar and the vicinity of the National Capitol, reported Magazine Week.

Shortly after Gustavo Petro assumed the presidency, in the month of August, he was Plaza Núñez reopened to the publicnext to the Congress that was closed for 20 years and has become a tourist attraction.

The reactions for and against were immediate.

“All the support for Sen @JAlirioBarreraR, his message is clear, Congress’pet-friendly‘ cannot forget the millions of farmers, ranchers and horsemen, who also have problems and need solutions. Politics is to support all sectors, not for a few”, said Through a tweet, the representative in the Chamber for Boyacá, Eduar Triana.

In contrast, the senator for the Green Party, Angélica Correa, dedicated some harsh words for Barrera: “Clowning is used to appear in the media. I can’t imagine the British or Canadian Parliament with congressmen coming with ‘pets’. It is not serious to bring animals when there is no nursery or garden for children of employees or children of congressmen.

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