"Sell ​​the Snyderverse to Netflix"This is how fans celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Justice League

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The restructuring of the DC universe, commanded by James Gunn, is not something that fans have liked due to the questionable decisions regarding the future of the characters of the superhero branch to such a degree that they are asking again to rescue the Snyderverse that he created Zack Snyder.

Although the films directed by Zack Snyder were liked by some and not by others, in the end the project was sufficiently supported by DC fans and even more so after learning about the changes that are on the way to the company.

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Fans want the return of the Snyderverse

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueWarner Bros. Discovery brought the production to HBO Max, the company’s main streaming platform.

However, instead of leaving DC fans happy, it made them remember that this Snyder universe (Sntderverse) will not return, so they took the opportunity to resume the community campaign in which they ask Warner Bros. Discovery to sell the rights to Netflix, and so I can continue.

In case you missed it: It is not the first time that fans are angry over decisions by Warner Bros. Discovery, they also disapproved of the direction of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

James Gunn, for his part, is aware of the discontent of the fans and has even seen this campaign. In fact, weeks ago he took the opportunity to comment that it is the “craziest” label he has seen for 2 reasons: Netflix has not expressed interest in this project and neither has Snyder.

Here we leave you with some of the messages with the hashtags #SellTheSnyderverseToNetflix and #RestoreTheSnyderverse.

What do you think of this request? Would you like to see the Snyderverse return? Tell us in the comments.

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