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Sánchez accuses Feijóo of approaching Vox to implement an agenda of setbacks: “His plan is to cut, cut and cut”

The PSOE has found in the PP’s rejection of a pension reform based on the Toledo Pact and validated by Brussels a new reason to confront “the country model” of the right. In the federal committee of the Socialists held this Saturday to validate the regional and municipal candidacies for the May elections, the President of the Government and Secretary General has attacked the opposition leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for “synchronizing with the great employers ” any progress in social matters, in reference to the pensions themselves or to the increase in the Minimum Professional Wage.

The keys to the pension agreement: optional computation period, more income and improvement of the minimum

The keys to the pension agreement: optional computation period, more income and improvement of the minimum


Pedro Sánchez has boasted of “social peace” and of doing things very differently from the right, which has been made ugly by the use of the parliamentary “roller” to “throw people out into the streets.” “For the right, decent pensions are an unsustainable luxury and for us it is an inalienable right,” he assured.

“The logical thing would be for a right wing that calls itself pro-European to support a reform worked hand in hand with Brussels. But the great employers have set the pace for them, ”said Sánchez during his open speech at the beginning of the meeting. “The right returns to portray itself and remain alone. What is the plan of those who oppose it, to cut pensions again? Let them speak clearly ”, he asked.

The leader of the socialists has compared the economic roadmap of his Executive with that implemented in his day by the PP governments during the great recession to conclude that, if he governs, those of Feijóo will apply the same recipes again. “The 2023 PP program is the same as in 2013: cut, cut and cut”, Sánchez criticized, noting that “the economic, political and media right does not want this country to advance. They don’t like this progressive government. But make no mistake, what they don’t like are the policies that this progressive government develops”.

In his speech, the President of the Government has barely mentioned the motion of censure to which he will submit next Tuesday at the initiative of Vox, although he has also pointed to the opposition leader for what he considers a clear collusion of the popular with the extreme right to be able to govern in many territories.

“Feijóo’s project involves reissuing coalition governments with the extreme right wherever they add up,” he assured to conclude that, in his opinion, the popular ones are closer to Vox today than in the days of Pablo Casado. “Relations between the right and the extreme right have not been the same for a year and that is why they go from ‘no’ to abstention in the motion. And that is going from the collision in the time of Casado to the collusion in the time of Feijóo ”, he said.

Autonomous and municipal lists

The purpose of the conclave this Saturday on Ferraz street was to bring together the party’s highest management body between congresses in full countdown to the May elections to validate the regional and municipal candidacies and to fine-tune the pre-campaign machinery. Although the appointment was missing several socialist territorial leaders. For example, the president of the Generalitat of Valencia, Ximo Puig, was not present in full celebration of the institutional acts of the Fallas. The Balearic president, Francina Armengol, and the presidents of Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha, Javier Lambán and Emiliano García-Page, the last two representatives of a sector critical of Sanchismo, which has been on the verge of extinction for years, also alluded to scheduling problems.

Among the lists ratified this Saturday by the federal committee is that of Madrid capital for the municipal ones on May 28. And it has done so for the first time in history without the prior endorsement of the Regional Commission of Lists and the Regional Committee of the PSM. The general secretary of the PSOE in the capital, also a Government Delegate Mercedes González, had refused to do so after the umpteenth internal clash.

The candidate for mayor of Madrid, the still Minister of Industry Reyes Maroto, halted a few weeks ago the preparation of the candidacy designed by Mercedes González to guarantee political control of the future parliamentary group. And Maroto did it with the endorsement of Ferraz, who had entrusted him with the mission of wresting the government of the capital of Spain from Martínez Almeida’s PP, thus prevailing over the internal struggle for control of the next municipal group led by the current delegate of the Government.

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