Saied denounces “a plot against state security” and rejects criticism of low electoral participation in Tunisia

Saied denounces "a plot against state security" and rejects criticism of low electoral participation in Tunisia

Dec. 29 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of Tunisia, Kais Saied, has denounced “a plot against the security of the State” and has rejected criticism for the low turnout in the legislative elections, which registered a record low, falling below nine percent.

“People involved in denigrating the State and its symbols must be tried, within the framework of the law,” he said, amid protests against the authorities and opposition requests for the resignation of Saied, who in July of 2021, all powers were arrogated after dissolving the Government and suspending Parliament, later dissolved.

Likewise, Saied has defended the validity of the elections despite the low turnout and has stated that “a participation rate of twelve percent is better than one of 99 percent.” “We just need the people to congratulate us,” she said, according to the Tunisian station Mosaique FM.

The president has also stated that there are “mercenaries” who are working to “reform” the media. “They talk about freedom of expression, but they are nothing more than mercenaries. I don’t want to name names, but they know who they are,” he stressed, before accusing “analysts and media experts” of having received payments worth 40 million dinars (about twelve million euros).

Saied has promoted since July 2021 a series of measures to reform the political system of Tunisia, including a constitutional referendum, approved in the midst of the opposition boycott, which reinforces the powers of the Presidency. The opposition has denounced an authoritarian drift of the president and has demanded his resignation.

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