Russian military takes refuge in France and targets Putin for the war in Ukraine

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Pavel Filatiev, a member of the Moscow Army, denounced the actions that his country is carrying out on Ukrainian territory. Staying in Paris after leaving Russia, the former paratrooper is accused of being a deserter. He recorded himself on film tearing up his passport and his enrollment booklet, he assured that he loves his homeland and his compatriots, but the conflict with Ukraine was taken too far. “To the town we went to, we destroyed everything,” he detailed.

The controversial invasion that Russia deployed on Ukraine, repudiated globally, also generates discomfort within some soldiers of the Russian ranks themselves. At least that is how it transpires after the attitudes and statements of Pavel Filatiev, a former paratrooper who denounced the war and corruption, leaving his country to refuse to continue fighting.

Filatiev, who served in the 56th regiment of airborne troops based on the Crimean peninsula, spent 48 hours in a detention center and on Tuesday requested political asylum and safety in France. He arrived in Gallic territory from Tunisia and from there he targeted President Vladimir Putin.

In a recording he filmed at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, he is seen tearing up his Russian passport and his military book, in a symbolic gesture of repudiation of Moscow’s expansionist policies in Eastern Europe.

In the footage, he calls his Russian documents “rubbish” and flushes them down the toilet. “I love Russia and my fellow Russians, but Putin and the government are not Russia. Putin go to hell,” he expresses.


After sustaining injuries to the front, he wrote about his experience in the hospital and posted it on the local social network Vkontakte. During his 141-page account he refers to the disorganization of the Army and senseless killings perpetrated by the combatants.

After his story was spread, his command filed a request for a 15-year sentence against him for “defaming the Army.” “It was reason enough to flee, I became a threat to them,” he said in an interview with the AFP agency.

After fleeing his country and beginning a forced exile, he assured that he only wants “people to see the truth and the facts.”

Already on French soil, he affirmed that the Russian troops killed “many civilians”. “I couldn’t accept what was happening. We would go to a town and destroy everything, ”he acknowledged.

While he affirmed that the militias lack motivation and that many do not want to go to the war front.

Now he is waiting for the efforts he is making with his lawyer to bear fruit and he can receive asylum in France.

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