Russia declares about 50 other Australians ‘persona non grata’

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June 21 () –

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expanded its ‘black list’ on Wednesday to include another 48 Australian citizens, including politicians, journalists and businessmen from the arms industry.

As detailed by Russian diplomacy in a statement, this almost fifty Australians will now be prohibited from entering Russian borders, a measure in response to the sanctions approved by Canberra against Moscow.

Among those sanctioned are the Vice Prime Minister of the State of Victoria, Jacinta Allan; Alan Ball, member of the board of directors of the Thales Australia arms company; or members of the board of directors of the Council of South Australia, among others.

“Taking into account the fact that Canberra does not intend to abandon the anti-Russian course and continues to produce new sanctions measures, work on updating the Russian ‘block list’ will continue,” Moscow added.

The Australian Parliament last week approved a law to invalidate a lease agreement for land that had been reached with Moscow for the construction of an embassy in the capital of the island country.

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