Russia accuses the US and its allies of “blackmailing” and “destabilizing” at the latest G20 meeting

File - Russian President Vladimir Putin

File – Russian President Vladimir Putin – Ilya Pitalev/Kremlin/dpa – File

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25 Feb. () –

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has blamed the “West” for the “blackmail” and “destabilization” of the last meeting of the G20, whose finance ministers meeting in India have not been able to include any mention of Ukraine in the final statement by the differences about it.

“We regret that the activities of the G20 continue to be destabilized by the West and used in an anti-Russian and purely confrontational way. Our opponents, mainly the United States, the EU and the G7, continue their paranoid attempts to isolate Russia and hold it responsible for the problems caused in the field of international security and the global economy,” Moscow has argued.

Russia thus denounces “open blackmail” that passes for “absurd interpretations of the situation in Ukraine”. “Westerners once again impede the adoption of collective decisions and that is why the approved text, with the exception of the mention of Ukraine, (…) has become a hostage to this aggressive stance,” he added.

Moscow has highlighted that “the result of the meeting could not be agreed” and there has only been a statement from the Indian presidency that does not represent all the delegations.

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“Russia and China have strongly protested about this. Many other delegations are also seriously disappointed with the ultimatums of the United States and its allies, which continue to show animosity and hatred,” he said.

For all these reasons, they call on the West to “abandon its destructive course as soon as possible” and “assume the objective realities of a multipolar world.” “The G20 must remain an economic forum and not interfere in the sphere of security (…) depoliticized,” Russia stressed.

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