RUMOR: Persona 6 is in advanced development and its announcement is coming

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Last year was a very special one for ATLUS, SEGA and their fans as we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the RPG. Person. But it ended unexpectedly because among so many announcements the revelation of person 6. It wasn’t like that and fans wondered what had happened. Well, apparently ATLUS had it planned, in the end they delayed it… but it shouldn’t take long to show it again.

ATLUS is a very hermetic studio, although sometimes some surprises creep in. Precisely one of them is the next revelation of 2 games that will undoubtedly excite fans.

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the announcement of person 6 Y persona 3 remake is near?

We are talking about the remake of person 3 and the whole new game person 6. The new iteration of the main series of Person It was already confirmed by ATLUS, but it has never been shown; On the other hand, he has not said anything about the supposed remake of person 3but there are clues that the title exists and is in development.

The tipster Im A Hero Too popped in this weekend to talk about it and reinforce the rumors surrounding both projects. According to the details, the 2 undisclosed games are well along in their development. Interestingly, he made sure that the remake has so many updates and improvements that it will feel like a new game to many.

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Best of all, Im A Hero Too mentioned in ResetEra that, according to the last thing he heard, the announcement should happen next summer, so fans shouldn’t wait much longer. Supposedly, the reveal was supposed to happen already, but apparently ATLUS changed its mind at the last moment.

“With 3 games in development, I’m still shocked that they keep canceling/changing event/press reveal timing,” the leaker said.

It is worth reminding you that this information is unofficial, so we invite you to take it as such and not as confirmation, since neither ATLUS nor SEGA have officially spoken about these projects in recent months.

Do you think that the revelation of the new games of Person is near? Tell us in the comments.

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