RPSC3 version 0.0.28 arrives with considerable performance improvements on low-end GPUs

RPSC3 version 0.0.28 arrives with considerable performance improvements on low-end GPUs

The RPSC3 development team has announced some new changes in the update to version 0.0.28-15302 the quintessential PlayStation 3 emulator that should allow users with less powerful hardware to enjoy an improved experience, although users of cutting-edge hardware will hardly notice a difference.

Details are scarce, but it is explained that users with graphics cards from NVIDIA’s GT range, for example, or in general any graphics card without GDDR6X memory should find “massive” performance improvements, something that is never superfluous when we are trying to emulate a console as particular as a PlayStation 3.

Similarly, higher powered hardware with GDDR6X memory will not benefit from such improvements, and while slight performance gains may be found, they are generally not expected, although obviously the performance will not be reduced in return as one would expect.

As we can see in the video on these lines, there are improvements of different kinds, and although the FPS averages may be somewhat higher, Figures such as “1% Lows” -what we would generally identify as pulls- enjoy great improvements.

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