Romania to try Andrew Tate and his brother for human trafficking, organized crime and rape

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan leave the Bucharest Court this Wednesday escorted by bodyguards.

The Romanian authorities announced on Tuesday that the controversial influencers Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will be prosecuted in the country, accused of alleged human trafficking, organized crime and rape. The Prosecutor asks 13 years in jail for the Tate brothers, of British and American origin, according to the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT).

The DIICOT has completed their investigations of the case and summoned the two brothers to court together with two other alleged partners Romanian: Georgiana Manuela Naghel and Alexandra-Luana Radu. The four defendants, who deny the charges, were arrested at the end of 2022 and they have been under house arrest since March in a Tate mansion on the outskirts of the Romanian capital.

Prosecutors accuse the Tates and their partners of having formed in 2021 in Romania, the United States and the United Kingdom a organized criminal group to traffic and exploit human beings. Furthermore, they are accused of continuing violationsillegal access to a computer system, alteration of the integrity of computer data, and incitement to violence.

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The DIICOT requested last week, among other artifacts, the confiscation of 15 landsluxury houses and apartments, 15 cars valued at several million euros, 14 luxury watches and two gold bars of the defendants. The local press estimates that the assets are valued at a total of 300 million dollars.

Seven women identified during the investigation were recruited by the Tates through the ‘method loverboy, which consists of feigning emotional attachment and later locking them in a home. there, they are forced to produce pornographic content for platforms and social networks under physical and psychological duress. Of the sexually exploited women, three became civil parties during the criminal proceedings.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan leave the Bucharest Court this Wednesday escorted by bodyguards.


The prosecutors proposed maintain the preventive measure of house arrest for the four defendants, and the file was sent for its competent resolution to the Bucharest Court, which will decide on the date of the start of the trial.

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