Riots in Greece with 1,000 protesters blaming the government for the fatal train accident

Protests in Athens over the train disaster.

Wednesday afternoon around a thousand people They organized to go out to protest in Athens and Thessaloniki for the fatal train accident in Tempe that has caused the death of at least 46 people. Protesters blame the government for Kyriakos Mitsotakis for having privatized the railway company Hellenic Train.

In Thessalonica, a group of students they sat in front of the train station. On their banners could be read “The tragedy will not be forgotten”, “It’s not an accident, it’s a crimeor “It could be any of us.”

However, the most tense moments occurred when in Athens, about a thousand Protestantsgathered in front of the offices of the owner of Hellenic Train and they threw stones, broke windows of the building and confronted the police who charged at them.

This was the moment in which the two trains collided in Greece


Shortly after, the police also charged against a massive peaceful march that was demonstrating on Academies Street, one of the main streets of the Greek capital.

In Larisa, near Tempe where the accident occurred, there were also protests, albeit calmer. Relatives of some young people who were among the 350 people who were traveling on the train. They carried photographs of their relatives because they are missing and They are neither on the lists of dead nor wounded.

Protests in Athens over the train disaster.

According to the local press, there could be dozens of missingalthough it is believed that many of them would have returned to Thessaloniki by their own means without being notified at the moment.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis has responded to the tragedy by confirming the resignation of senior railway officials at the state level. In his speech on Wednesday, he assured that the resignation of Konstantinos Karamanlis as Minister of Transport and Infrastructure has also been joined by the resignation of the heads of the Hellenic Railway Organization (OSE) and ERGOSE, its subsidiary specialized in infrastructure projects. .

However, for thousands of people in Greece this is not enough and there is just over a month to go before the general elections, Which will be on April 9.

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