Riot Games confirms that a hack resulted in the theft of the League of Legends source code

Riot Games confirms that a hack resulted in the theft of the League of Legends source code

Riot Games has released an update regarding a hack that was settled on January 20 with the theft of the League of Legends source codethe company’s strategy game, as well as TeamFight Tactics and of an anticheat system that they call “legacy”, although this doesn’t really explain whether it’s still in use today or not. It is also understood that other titles like Valorant are still safe.

Todaythe company has received an email basically requesting the payment of a ransom for it, which they do not plan to pay. That is why the existing risk has been assessed right now, and one of the main risks for players is a greater number of cheats for your games.

Likewise, it is explained that the data of the players is safe, while in the source code there are also several experiments that may or may not reach the stable game, something that is probably explained in order to calm down the spirits that may arise in the event of leaks of these new game modes.

In any case, Riot assures that the investigation that has been done during the last week has resulted in great progress, something that will allow you to maintain the usual cadence of patches.

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