Reznikov assures that Ukraine will receive combat aircraft of “two or three types”

Reznikov assures that Ukraine will receive combat aircraft of "two or three types"

March 3 () –

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksei Reznikov has assured this Friday that Ukrainian forces will receive combat aircraft of “two or three types” at some point from their allies.

“I think that a kind of coalition will be formed again, and I am sure that there will be two or three types of fighters,” he said during an interview with the German newspaper ‘Bild’. Thus, he explained that “there will be a main type of aircraft and it will depend on which one best suits the Ukrainian engineers and facilities.”

Reznikov has compared this situation to that of tanks: “in the tank-shipping coalition, the main tank was the Leopard from Germany, but we also have Challenger, Abrams, and lighter ones that have come from France.”

In addition, he recalled that Germany, at the time, insisted on refusing to send tanks, a position that had to change as the Russian invasion of Ukraine progressed. “Now there are already German tanks in the Ukraine,” she pointed out before insisting that the idea that Russia use nuclear weapons is a “bluff” since “she has come across a clear message from China and India.”

On the other hand, the Ukrainian minister has ruled out the possibility of holding talks with “dictator Vladimir Putin”. “My president has already made this very clear, that we are not going to negotiate with the current head of the Kremlin. Ukraine is prepared to negotiate issues related to reparations, create an international tribunal and bring those responsible to Justice for their war crimes. in a kind of Nuremberg trials,” he said.

Likewise, it has demanded the liberation of all the territories “temporarily occupied by Russia and return them to their recognized international borders in 1991” given that “it is the only viable scenario for the future.”

Despite the difficult situation facing the Ukrainian forces, Reznikov has stated that the Russian casualties are much higher than the Ukrainian ones and has stated that it is possible that the war “ends this year with the victory of Kiev”. “I am an optimist, I see this situation on the battlefield and I think there is a possibility that we end up winning this year. I really believe it,” he said.

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