Review: iPad Pro M2, close to being your new work computer

Review: iPad Pro M2, close to being your new work computer

In terms of sound, it is clear, with very good definition and the volume is very good thanks to its four speakers.

As for the camera, it is worth noting that the front or TrueDepth is 12MP, with the focused focus function that we have seen in Apple devices and that follow the person when they move. This camera is an ultra-wide one that now has a greater range reaching 122 °. As for the rear cameras, we have a 12MP main one and a 12MP wide-angle one, as well as LiDAR radar, useful for capturing scene depths.

Price of the iPad Pro M2 in Mexico

In its version with an 11-inch screen, the iPad Pro with the M2 chip costs 20,999 pesos. The 12.9-inch with Liquid Retina XDR is priced at 28,999 pesos in the official mac store .


This is an iPad more focused on the professional world, gradually replacing the need to have a full-time computer and that is why we find ourselves with a large team and sometimes a bit heavy for a normal tablet. However, if we think that this is more well designed to live accompanied by a Magic Keyboard in a horizontal position on a table, it makes more sense.

The reality is that this iPad model, for several generations, seems to have the objective of reaching and replacing other devices in the professional world and although it is still necessary to go to a computer for certain actions, it is getting closer and closer to fulfilling it. So we’re almost there, in the future we’ll probably see Apple start to push its software to the same level as the hardware of devices as powerful as this to finish making the leap.

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