Respecting rest and having a good team, among the requirements to be an eSports professional, according to experts

Respecting rest and having a good team, among the requirements to be an eSports professional, according to experts

July 11 (Portaltic/EP) –

have a good team of game, respect the hours of sleepdo exercise and take one good nutritionare some of the most important requirements to be a healthy eSports professional.

Video game competitions are becoming increasingly popular among users and players. In fact, in Spain there is a total of 2.9 million eSports followersconsolidating itself as the 12th country in terms of the audience that these events receive worldwide.

This is how he details it study ‘eSports in Spain’developed by the ‘online’ training center specialized in new technologies Tokyo School. It also details that Spain has the largest number of professional teams in Europe validated by the Association of eSports Clubs (ACE). Some of these teams are the Movistar Riders, the Bisons, the Case Esports, the Team Heretics or the Mad Lions.

In the field of eSports competitions, participation is “very varied“, since it is a diverse environment that gathers both professional and amateur players. Within this framework, as stated by the Tokio School video game coach Pablo Menéndez, professional players dedicate “many hours to practice to be the best.”

Specifically, the players dedicate six to eight hours a day in front of the computer, according to data collected by the Peruvian Association of Electronic Sports and Video Games (APDEV). There are even players who exceed that time, as is the case of the player known as Faker, Lee Sang-hyeok, that dedicates between 12 and 15 hours a day.

To be able to cope with these training sessions and be a player professional in a healthy way, eSports experts such as Menéndez point out that You must have a routine of exercise and stretchingin order to “activate the body after so many hours in the same position”.

On the other hand, they also point out that competing in eSports implies that players have to cope with pressure and stress situationsplus it also affects the long pre-training time required.

Based on this, it is essential that the players respect the hours of sleep. By sleeping the necessary time “the body will improve its performance capacity”, something essential for the reflexes and intensity that some games require. For this reason, experts recommend that adults they must sleep between seven and nine hourswhile the minors need a range between eight and a half to ten hours of sleep.

Following this line, it is also necessary for the players to comply your rest time. “Many times rest is overlooked, when it is a priority,” Menéndez emphasizes. Thus, it is essential that to be professional players, users get a balance between hours of play and restin order not to overload, which could interfere with game results.

Another requirement is to follow a good nutrition. As in all professional competitions, healthy and balanced meals, which give priority to fruit and vegetablesare necessary to ensure good performance of the player. So much so, that experts recommend a minimum of three pieces of fruit and two servings of vegetables daily.

Finally, another of the requirements highlighted by the experts is to train with a good play equipment. In this regard, they point out that the game tools in good conditions and with characteristics adapted to the well-being of the player They are fundamental. “It is advisable to look for a chair, a screen and a desk with which the competitor feels uncomfortable”, they highlight from Tokio School.

Also, one of the fundamental roles in eSports and, therefore, for the players, it is the of the coach. This figure directs the routine of the players and makes recommendations to improve through training. That is, the purpose of the trainer is help players to improve in the game, above all, “prioritizing the well-being of the team“, according to this expert

another important figure is the one of the ‘coach’, whose objective is to help players “face a competitive season”. This guides team members to achieve good results by setting primary objectives. With this, he creates a strategy that players must follow to compete.

In general, the eSports in Spain stand out for lead the cultural and creative industries. In fact, according to Statista, in 2022 eSports managed to enter a total of €31 million. This can also be seen with the Consolidation of publishers in Spanish territory, as in the case of Nintendo or Microsoft.

Regarding the audience that witnesses these competitions, the data collected in the Tokio School study indicates that it’s usually a male audience and adult. As they have pointed out, the 55 percent of the audience is over 25 years old.

Likewise, another aspect that has been highlighted in the study is the female eSports audience. Spain has the highest percentage of female eSports audience in Europe, with a 36 percent women.

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