Resident Evil actress will play Kitana in new live-action Mortal Kombat movie

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Warner Bros. Discovery has not only given fans of Mortal Kombat after announcing a new game in the series, but also because of the news in the next film production. Today, for example, it has just been confirmed that an actress from resident Evil will bring Kitana to life.

Little by little more details of the next live-action film of Mortal Kombatwhich will continue the story seen in Mortal Kombat (2021). One of the great novelties is the addition of fighters that did not appear in the first tape and one of them will be Kitana.

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Which actress will be Kitana in the movie Mortal Kombat II?

The princess of the mystical kingdom of Edenia will be part of Mortal Kombat II and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that she will be played by Hong Kong actress Adeline Rudolph.

You may know this 28-year-old actress from having participated in Netflix series Sabrina’s hidden world either resident Evil (2022).

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Shortly after the news broke, Rudolph took to his Instagram account to share the article and react with a supervillain emoji, somewhat corroborating the information.

Below we leave you with a couple of Rudolph’s Instagram posts so you can imagine what he will look like playing Kitana.

Are you happy with the selection of this actress to play Kitana? Tell us in the comments.

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