Resident Evil 4 receives a new DLC to add microtransactions to the game

Resident Evil 4 receives a new DLC to add microtransactions to the game

The Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries update is not the only novelty that the game has received, because according to what we can read in PC Gamerit seems that CAPCOM has decided to add paid DLC after the review periodwhere his absence had given him higher grades than he would currently deserve after his incorporation.

These DLCs for Resident Evil 4 themselves come in the form of “weapon upgrade tickets”, where each ticket will allow us to improve the weapon with an exclusive improvement, unique for each weapon, where for example we can increase the damage caused by 1.5 times in the Red9, while the Punisher improvement will allow us to penetrate five targets with one bullet.

Geeknetic Resident Evil 4 receives a new DLC to add microtransactions to the game 1

In normal game modewe need to upgrade a weapon to the maximum before accessing this upgrade, but with the purchase of these tickets, we can skip this process to access the improvements directly. Although we are not forced to pay real money to have these improvements, they are shortcuts in the form of real money.

Each improvement ticket will cost us 2.99 eurosas we read on the steam pageso there will be many users who will spend a large amount of money for the apparently low price of each ticketbut that ends up adding up over time.

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