Researchers from the CBV UNAB and the CII of Concha y Toro face the challenges of viticulture from science

Researchers from the CBV UNAB and the CII of Concha y Toro face the challenges of viticulture from science

Researchers from the Plant Biotechnology Centers of U. Andrés Bello (CBV-UNAB) and the Research and Innovation Center of Viña Concha y Toro (CII), met to discuss opportunities to expand existing collaboration.

In this way, they seek to advance more quickly and effectively in the search for solutions to the main challenges facing the wine industry, including the impacts generated by climate change and drought.

“These challenges require that solutions involve various actors. The CBV has capacities that are complementary to the work carried out by the CII of Viña Concha y Toro, therefore, the collaboration between both centers arises naturally,” said Dr. Ariel Orellana, director of the CBV UNAB and principal investigator of the Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Plant Genomics Laboratory.

Currently, joint work is being carried out between both entities in the field of phytopathology, particularly due to the problem of fungi that attack vines. However, there are spaces to expand this collaboration to other areas in which the CBV UNAB has experience. In this sense, Dr. Orellana adds:

“Generating knowledge that leads to solutions for vineyard problems, such as climate change and drought, will not only benefit one of our main export industries, but also the efforts of many local producers who depend on viticulture and the wine industry. ”.

Promoting viticulture in Chile

He Concha y Toro Viña Concha y Toro Research and Innovation Center is the only one specialized in vines and oenology in Latin America. Additionally, with 1,090 hectares planted, it is the largest continuous vineyard in Chile.

Its mission is to promote applied research, technology transfer and innovation, in order to ensure the company’s multi-origin productive excellence and the sustainability of its processes, as well as to promote national viticulture.

Located in Pencahue, Maule Region, the CII has a multidisciplinary research team with experience in basic and applied sciences in the areas of biology, chemistry and engineering, as well as professional experts in viticulture and oenology.

During the visit to the laboratories and experimental winery of the CII, the researchers of this center were present: Dr. Rosa Roa (Circularity and Sustainability), Dr. Ricardo Luna (Smart Wine Industry), Dr. Sebastián Vargas (Climate Change and Wine Quality) , Dr. Felipe Gainza (Genetic Resources and Plant Health), Jorge Zincker (Deputy Manager of Operations), Paulina Arraño (Head of Laboratories) and the director of the center, Álvaro González.

Seven of its main researchers participated from UNAB’s Plant Biotechnology Center: doctors Ariel Orellana, Francisca Blanco, Paulo Canessa, José Miguel Álvarez, Adrián Moreno, José M. Estévez and Rubén Polanco.

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